About me

crop3Despite being Italian, I am more often on the move than back in Rome, my home town. From
2001-2005 I worked for the BBC in the UK, first monitoring and rewriting Italian news from various media sources, and later doing freelance shifts on the World and UK desks of the BBC news website.
Beside the UK, I have lived and worked in Norway and Luxembourg, am fluent in four European languages and pretty well-travelled. In late 2007, I spent three months in Tibet and Nepal, where I worked as a volunteer journalist for the "Nepali Times", Nepal's political weekly in English.

I hold a Masters in International Journalism from City University, London, and a first degree in German literature from Rome University "La Sapienza". In 2006, I became a member of the "Ordine dei giornalisti" - Italy's self-regulatory corporation of professional journalists, after passing a state exam.

I am currently based in Oslo, Norway.